Cap Arcona

One of the worst shipping catastrophes of all time happened on May 3rd, 1945 in the Baltic. German luxury liner Cap Arcona, at anchor 3 kilometers away from Neustadt harbour (Lubeck Bay) was attacked by 9 Typhoon Fighter Bombers of the 2. Tactical Air Force of the R.A.F. What the pilots did not know: On board were thousands of concentration camp prisoners...

How come, a luxury liner like Cap Arcona became a prison ship? In the last days of Second World War, most of the inmates of concentration camp Neuengamme were evacuated by the SS and loaded onto the passenger liner Cap Arcona and two cargos, the Thielbek and Athens, with some evidence to sink them.

CAP-ARCONA.COM features interviews with survivors, like famous German actor Erwin Geschonneck and Francis Akos, member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. You will find detailed information which hopefully will prove to shed some light on this fatal incident and almost forgotten tragedy. In the download section of this site you will have access to additional resources like a profound summary of the Cap Arcona disaster by Wilhelm Lange, as well as transcriptions of radio feature-programmes, press articles and a screenplay of the documentary film The Cap Arcona Case by Günter Klaucke & Karl Hermann.

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